fountain pens, ink, paper

J Herbin 1670 Anniversary ink Stormy Grey

Different paper, different nibs, see what this ink is all about…

Without further ado: This is Stormy grey! 🙂

1 ink 7 nibs gold sheennib sizes and shadingLeuchtturm Link pageLeuchtturm 1917 pageQuo Vadis pageClairefontaine detail Leuchtturm1917  detail Quo Vadis detail Rhodia

fountain pens, ink, paper

I love pens, pens, pens, pens…

J Herbin Leuchtturm Lamy 2000

Hi folks,

My name is Mishka and I am a pen addict.

I can talk about pens all day and I love writing with them too.

Bureau have let me in to play with their stationery. It has been an awesome week so far and I’d like to celebrate that with my first blog post. The plan is to blog about stationery and show you some of our cool stuff, so if you ever come across something that boggles your mind, just give me a shout and I will gladly check it out. I’ve found few interesting goodies already, but I thought I’d kick off in style and introduce…


 Pen Ink Paper

What are three most important things every pen addict needs ?

Pen, Ink, Paper.

My pen of choice is Lamy 2000.

For two reasons: iconic design and 14k nib. It looks good and it writes even better. Pen is not too heavy, feels great in hand and has a perfect balance. Lamy 2000 has been married to Lamy Turquoise ink since the day 1, but I have re-inked it for this special occasion. Let’s pair my #1 pen with my #1 ink.

My current favourite ink is J Herbin Vert Olive.

I can argue with you all day about practicality of this ink, so let me just tell you this: it shades like crazy!!! It is by far the best ink J Herbin makes and it’s so much fun!

My paper of choice is Leuchtturm1917 dotted A5 notebook with teal cover.

It is less shiny than Rhodia/Clairefontain. It also makes the line a little wider which helps shading. That is in my opinion the most desirable ink property. I have opted for dotted version which is great for practicing handwriting. Notebook opens flat and comes with off-white fountain pen friendly paper – there is no feathering, no bleedthrough (well, that is subject to how much ink you lay down). Leuchtturm1917 has page numbers, table of contents, bookmark, elastic band, labels. They come in plenty of colours and sizes and you can customize it with a pen loop (there are so many colours to chose from…)

So what do you think fellow stationery lovers?

Do you have your Pen-Ink-Paper Trinity?

Email me your comments, feedback, questions on

I’m off to try Platinum #3776 Century Music nib – perks of the job.

Mishka (^_~)