The Time of My Life

We kicked off National Stationery Week with the poll on the pen combos we use here at the office….readers vote here.

It’s turned out to be a great week, as not only did I start my handwriting course, I also got to visit The Stationery Show!!

I’ve wanted to go to one of those since I was a kid, a wish come true.
My love of stationery goes way back 🙂 I had many penpals, including lovely people at 3M who were kind enough to send me office tester packs even though I didn’t have an office or a company.
In fact, I loved stationery so much that I wrote them a long letter about how much I love the smell of fresh post it notes (and still do).

So yes, please indulge the madness, keep calm and buy stationery!

Big thanks to Dominic and Jo, you’re both awesome!

For those of you who didn’t make it to the show, I was your eyes and ears so follow my twitter feed @mishka5050 and #natstatweek to get the latest news 🙂

Mishka (^_~)

ps: the vote on our blog is now closed, guess who won?! 🙂

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Field Notes Two Rivers is here!!!

Field Notes Two Rivers

Field Notes - USA coverChristmas came early this year! I am not trying to fool you because it’s 1st of April 🙂

Two Rivers is something else…every single book is unique, yet they want to be used. Strange combination, I know…

The collector in me jumps with happiness because I found USA cover and the note taker in me opened the pack and started scribbling!

Warren Ellis – writer of Transmetropolitan has posted a picture of his Field Notes Two Rivers on Twitter which has totally made my day!

More info about Two Rivers here:

Field Notes Two Rivers - pink and blue cover
Field Notes collection

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J Herbin Cleaning solution

Being a fountain pen addict – I clean my pens and re-ink them on a regular basis.

DISCLAIMER: cold water is sufficient for cleaning fountain pens, no solution at all is required

There are some pens I can’t help, so this is where cleaning solution comes in handy.

The pen I have used for the review has a gorgeous see-through nib, but it comes at a price. Some inks may stain your pen. Vintage pens or pens which haven’t been cleaned in a while will need a little bit more then just cold water.

Here is what happened in five minutes.

A Bottle of J Herbin Cleaning Solution

Nib, feed and section of the pen

Nib and feed cleaned with water

Nib and feed in the cleaning solution


Nib and feed after 5 minutes


Solution has done a terrific job. Feed remains stained, but it looks hundred times better and brighter. Ink flow has increased tremendously. This pen always had a little bit of an attitude and was very dry. I can now report that it writes wet wet wet. I’m tempted to keep the feed in the solution over night.

One last thing – the solution smells of orange zest ❤

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TOP10 practical uses for the masking tape

I have been using MT masking tape for a long time. There are so many designs and sizes to choose from that I had to buy a storage box 🙂 People generally use the tape for journalling, scrap-books, personalizing books, making gift-tags, bookmarks, etc….

Here is how I use the masking tape:

  • use it on my fountain pens with metal section. I simply can’t use those pens, because there is no grip and they are too slippery. A simple 1cm strip of masking tape and the problem is solved!
  • cracked pen cap
  • taking off LAMY nibs
  • store and seal open ink cartridges
  • tie lose ends (camera bag)
  • extra grip on coffee flask
  • extra support for punched holes
  • personalize ps3/xbox controllers
  • zipp pullers
  • cable labelling

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