J Herbin Anniversary 1670 ink Rouge Hematite in pictures…

Hello again!

Talking to one of our Bureau friends made me realise that there aren’t many Rouge Hematite pictures on our social media sites. This ink craves attention πŸ™‚ Here are few quick snaps, so you can get the idea…

By the look of it, Rouge Hematite has a lot of gold! A lot… It needs more maintenance than others. Regular pen flushes are absolutely necessary. Is it worth it? Yes! Just look at that sheen πŸ™‚

ps: the paper in the pictures is from Soft Cover Notebook by Rhodia. I am trying to do as much ‘damage’ to it as I can in a month…






Reformulated J Herbin 1670 Anniversary ink Blue Ocean in pictures…

Herbin Ocean Blue in pen

J Herbin Blue Ocean ink – reformulated with gold particles looking all shiny in demonstrator pen πŸ™‚

Herbin Ocean Blue in pen 02

Gold particles on the move

Herbin Ocean Blue on paper

This is what J Herbin Blue ocean looks like on Tomoe River paper. That sheen!!!!

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Top Fountain Pens, Inks and Papers of 2014

2014 is over, so I thought it would be a good time to highlight my favourite purchases.

Top5 Fountain Pens

1.Lamy 2000 (M 14k gold nib turned to M stub)-my pride&joy.
Given to me as a birthday present, so I cherish this pen more than others. It has been an average Medium nib out of the box, so I have decided to get some work done πŸ˜‰ It got turned by nibmeister just before Stormy Grey came out.
If I could only have one pen, this will be my choice. For personal, aesthetic and practical reasons along with the fact that it is now my (without a doubt) best writer.

2.TWSBI 580RB (1.1mm steel nib)-wet wet wet.
I got so excited when I first saw this pen….so I bought it on the day it came out. Love the way it writes, love the look of it. This pen has been paired with Iroshizuku ink – for demonstration purposes πŸ˜‰ and it flows seamlessly. It’s such a joy to watch how this pen leaves wet line of ink on the paper.
1.1mm stub seems to be on a broader side. Line is definitely wider than Lamy’s 1.1mm.

3.Lamy Safari Neon Coral (B steel nib)-fantastic colour!
I am a huge Lamy fan and collector.
Their Special edition Safari colours are absolutely amazing (and no, I don’t have the full set yet;) ). I understand that this Neon theme might not be for everyone, but it sure does work for me πŸ˜‰ This pen has been paired with black broad nib and matching ink colour. It’s the only way to go πŸ™‚

4.Noodler’s Ahab (steel flex nib)-easier to flex than others.
This pen does flex…it flexes like crazy πŸ™‚ I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing, but I do love to play with it. The amount of ink that it goes through is shocking! Noodler’s make ink especially for flex pens, so I have paired it with Black Swan in Australian Roses. One thing worth mentioning is that many Noodler’s pens need tinkering (awesome), so get ready for regular cleaning&setting sessions if you want one.

5.Parker Duofold (14k gold 585 10nib)-so soft.
This is my first vintage pen. Bought it on ebay for a few quid. Who doesn’t love a bargain?
Colour of the pen with Visconti’s Burgundy is a match made in heaven and it will stay like this forever πŸ™‚ This pen looks rather plain, but it has such a soft nib…writing is an absolute pleasure. This is probably my top3 writer. Vacumatic Filling system requires a lot of love. If this pen doesn’t get used regularly then it needs to be flushed, but it’s worth it, oh it it so worth it πŸ˜‰

Top5 Inks
1.J Herbin-Stormy grey-revolution!
We have all expected miracles and J Herbin has delivered πŸ˜‰ This ink looks great, shades well, is slightly waterproof and has a gold sheen. That’s it! Everyone must have a bottle πŸ˜‰ Don’t forget to shake it before you wake it πŸ˜‰

2.Iroshizuku-Yama budo-oh that colour and sheen!
What I love about this colour is how easily recognisable it is. You cannot miss Yama-Budo. Colour is super juicy and saturated. One of very few inks that are currently inked in multiple pens-and trust me, that says a lot!

3.Noodler’s-Apache Sunset-all time favourite.
Is it worth mentioning that is one of my favourite colours? This ink is a mad shader. Noodler’s ink is very hard to get in UK which imo makes it even more desirable…

4.Iroshizuku-Ku-Jaku-good behaviour.
Is it snobbish to adore Iroshizuku inks? Is it too much to pay Β£30 for Japanese ink? Well if you like something, you will pay for it-especially if you can import this amazing ink for half price directly from Japan. No ink flows better than this. Colours are amazing. Not washed out, not watered down. They don’t stain pens. Often come with gold sheen and they shade. Ku-Jaku is green-blue-teal and it changes colour as you write. Modern alchemy!

5.Noodler’s- Black Swan in Australian Roses aka BSIAR-best for flexing.
This ink offers an amazing colour spectrum. It was made for flex pens and looks ace on both white and ivory paper.

Top5 Paper
1. Tomoe River-out of this world!
Words cannot describe how this paper shows ink. There is absolutely zero feathering. They break the rules of physics.

2. Leuchtturm1917-daily paper.
German off-white paper and of course it’s fountain pen friendly. Handy dots for handwriting practice. Numbered pages are such a great idea! I am on my third book since July 2014. Plenty of colours to choose from πŸ˜‰

3. Rhodia colour R-perfect for snail mail.
Mix beautiful cover with awesome ivory paper and you have a winner. Love this new range, gave a lot of them out as presents. This paper only comes in lined or blank version.

4. Rhodia dotpad-trusted white paper (I sense a dot theme here).
This was my first fountain pen friendly paper. Rhodia does not dissapoint.

5. Field notes Ambition-top design.
These notebook are not in my top5 for the paper. I’m totally in love with the way it looks – I forgive you for feathering and bleeding through πŸ˜‰

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I love pens, pens, pens, pens…

J Herbin Leuchtturm Lamy 2000

Hi folks,

My name is Mishka and I am a pen addict.

I can talk about pens all day and I love writing with them too.

Bureau have let me in to play with their stationery. It has been an awesome week so far and I’d like to celebrate that with my first blog post. The plan is to blog about stationery and show you some of our cool stuff, so if you ever come across something that boggles your mind, just give me a shout and I will gladly check it out. I’ve found few interesting goodies already, but I thought I’d kick off in style and introduce…


Β Pen Ink Paper

What are three most important things every pen addict needs ?

Pen, Ink, Paper.

My pen of choice is Lamy 2000.

For two reasons: iconic design and 14k nib. It looks good and it writes even better. Pen is not too heavy, feels great in hand and has a perfect balance. Lamy 2000 has been married to Lamy Turquoise ink since the day 1, but I have re-inked it for this special occasion. Let’s pair my #1 pen with my #1 ink.

My current favourite ink is J Herbin Vert Olive.

I can argue with you all day about practicality of this ink, so let me just tell you this: it shades like crazy!!! It is by far the best ink J Herbin makes and it’s so much fun!

My paper of choice is Leuchtturm1917 dotted A5 notebook with teal cover.

It is less shiny than Rhodia/Clairefontain. It also makes the line a little wider which helps shading. That is in my opinion the most desirable ink property. I have opted for dotted version which is great for practicing handwriting. Notebook opens flat and comes with off-white fountain pen friendly paper – there is no feathering, no bleedthrough (well, that is subject to how much ink you lay down). Leuchtturm1917 has page numbers, table of contents, bookmark, elastic band, labels. They come in plenty of colours and sizes and you can customize it with a pen loop (there are so many colours to chose from…)

So what do you think fellow stationery lovers?

Do you have your Pen-Ink-Paper Trinity?

Email me your comments, feedback, questions on

I’m off to try Platinum #3776 Century Music nib – perks of the job.

Mishka (^_~)