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Eye – Dropper challenge 2/5 Platinum Preppy Highlighter

Second pen in the series is notoriously well known eye-dropper: Platinum Preppy.

It’s cheap, easy to do and it works. J Herbin Diabolo Menthe InkPreppys come as fountain pens or highlighters. I had some spare ink cartridges at home, so I have decided to turn the highlighter. There are couple of good highlighting inks out there: Lamy Neonlime (T52 bottles only available in US), Pelikan Duo, Noodler’s, Private Reserve….but I have opted out for one ink that I had no use for.J Herbin Diabolo Menthe. Light minty colour is not legible for writing, but works quite nicely for this purpose. If you would like a sample of this ink, just let me know 😉 Ink is made for sharing, and there is no way I will finish this bottle in 2 lifetimes.

Material needed: syringe, silicon grease, rubber O ring (7.5mm inside diameter and 9.2mm outside diameter).

Instructions – again, very easy to do:

  • unscrew the barrel
  • remove the cartridge (if present)
  • secure the barrel in upright position
  • fill the barrel with ink using syringe
  • apply silicon grease on section threads
  • place the O ring on the section where threads end
  • screw the section onto the barrel
  • done!

Preppy sealed with silicone grease and O-ring

Here is what Platinum Preppy Highlighter looks like 🙂 Nice and clean conversion, plenty of ink capacity…

Preppy on J Herbin bottle

Mishka  (^_~)


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