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J Herbin Cleaning solution

Being a fountain pen addict – I clean my pens and re-ink them on a regular basis.

DISCLAIMER: cold water is sufficient for cleaning fountain pens, no solution at all is required

There are some pens I can’t help, so this is where cleaning solution comes in handy.

The pen I have used for the review has a gorgeous see-through nib, but it comes at a price. Some inks may stain your pen. Vintage pens or pens which haven’t been cleaned in a while will need a little bit more then just cold water.

Here is what happened in five minutes.

A Bottle of J Herbin Cleaning Solution

Nib, feed and section of the pen

Nib and feed cleaned with water

Nib and feed in the cleaning solution


Nib and feed after 5 minutes


Solution has done a terrific job. Feed remains stained, but it looks hundred times better and brighter. Ink flow has increased tremendously. This pen always had a little bit of an attitude and was very dry. I can now report that it writes wet wet wet. I’m tempted to keep the feed in the solution over night.

One last thing – the solution smells of orange zest ❤


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