masking tape, stationery

TOP10 practical uses for the masking tape

I have been using MT masking tape for a long time. There are so many designs and sizes to choose from that I had to buy a storage box 🙂 People generally use the tape for journalling, scrap-books, personalizing books, making gift-tags, bookmarks, etc….

Here is how I use the masking tape:

  • use it on my fountain pens with metal section. I simply can’t use those pens, because there is no grip and they are too slippery. A simple 1cm strip of masking tape and the problem is solved!
  • cracked pen cap
  • taking off LAMY nibs
  • store and seal open ink cartridges
  • tie lose ends (camera bag)
  • extra grip on coffee flask
  • extra support for punched holes
  • personalize ps3/xbox controllers
  • zipp pullers
  • cable labelling

cracked capfixed caphole punchcartridgelamy niblamy nibs


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